Mental Health Services

We provide counseling from a licensed counselor for all of our survivors in need of support, including but not limited to the specific areas: Substance Abuse Counseling, LGBTQ+ Counseling, Juvenile Counseling, and Domestic Abuse Counseling. We also refer out to local women's shelters and rehabilitation centers if needed or during emergencies.


Job and Carrier Services

We provide assistance in building a resume, finding a job, and working towards a job certification or training program. 

Miracle Bags

Our Miracle Bags are packed with many essentials, including pajamas, toiletries, and socks, along with other necessities or miscellaneous items that fit the survivors' age group.

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We are in the process of funding a scholarship program for survivors who are interested in furthering their education at a vocational or trade school, or a community college. We also provide tutoring and exam prep.

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Religious Services

While we are not a religion-based charity, we are partnered with local churches and pastors for any survivors who are interested in any religious support. We also provide bibles or any other religious or spiritual items the survivors many be interested in.

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Medical Services

We provide a primary consultation with our licensed PCP for ever survivor who needs a medical examination. If they choose to further treatment with our PCP, we will provide that service. If they need a specialist, we will refer them.

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We treat every survivor on a case-by-case basis. Every victim deserves to be ASKED what they need, instead of being handed services they are assumed to need. Through our case management system, we provide an intake for each survivor, so we can better assess what we can actually help them with.